Avery Elizabeth–2 Months

 So, Avery Elizabeth is already two months!  And, I’m super late with this post.  Grace, right? Right!

We haven’t been able to do her cool board, but I didn’t want to wait any longer for this post…so without further delay…

Avery loves:
-her bath time
-looking around at everything
-her swing
-her pacifier
-morning smiles
-her tongue

Avery dislikes:
-still doesn’t like napping during day
-getting her mouth wiped off
-getting changed…diaper or clothes in general

Her favorite song/lullaby is “three little birds” by Bob Marely.  Justin started this being a bedtime routine, and we think she really enjoys it.

She still has zero teeth, she’s 23″ long and 11.10lbs!

I’ve gone back to work full time now (as of this week) and it’s a much bigger adjustment than what I thought it was.  I’m still learning that throughout motherhood there is nothing but grace!

Hopefully next month I’ll be more on time!

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