Avery Elizabeth–4 months

avery 4 months 2How is Avery Elizabeth already 4 months old?  We’ve celebrated our first Christmas with her, we spent New Years very chill (I went to bed at 11pm).  I can’t wait to see what else this new year holds for us.

Avery loves:
-anything she can put in her mouth, especially her Taggie rabbit
-“talking” with her buddy, Jack.  They are together 4 days a week and it really sounds like they communicate back and forth, it’s very cute.
-grabbing things.  We have a pull toy on her car seat and she has recently realized that she pull on it, and she loves its
-FaceTime-ing with my parents, NaNa and PawPaw.  Every time she hears the FaceTime ring, she smiles so big

Avery dislikes:
-rolling onto her belly and not being able to roll back over.

At Avery’s 4 month check-up she weighed 14.30lbs and is now 25.5″ long!  She’s growing up way too fast!

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