Avery Elizabeth – 5 months

avery-5 month-with text.png
Avery has turned another month older!  It is crazy how fast time flies!  Justin and I are enjoying all these precious moments that keep going by.  Here’s what she has been up to lately.

Avery loves:
-being on her belly.  Which is a big change from last month.  She has learned to roll back to her back and then back to her belly–getting close to being one continuous roll over.
-talking and screaming, especially at Casper.
-Casper.  Casper has been much more daring lately in coming around Avery, but any little noise Avery makes, Casper goes a running.
-her activity center my parents got her for Christmas.  She is really enjoying interacting with it and has really helped her strengthen her legs.

Avery dislikes:
-still doesn’t care for teething, but what baby does?
-us walking away.  She is starting to notice when we lay her down and us walk away from her, especially when she is tired.

She’s only 2 days into being 5 months old, and there are so many new things.  One of which is us trying oatmeal twice today!  Look for the 6 month update to see how she’s doing with food!

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