Avery Elizabeth – 8 Months

avery-8months with words.png
I feel like I begin every post the same way-but seriously, how is Avery Elizabeth already 8 months old?

This last month was very special, my  parents have been in town and we dedicated Avery Elizabeth at our church.  It was a very special weekend spent with family and close friends.
Avery loves:
-moving around.  She’s very close to crawling.  I’m torn, I want her to move but then I know everything is going to change once she is on the go.
-to eat.  I think Avery just likes food, which is just like Justin and I.
-BUBBLE GUPPIES.  With my parents in town, they have been watching her and my mom started showing Avery Bubble Guppies on Nick, Jr. and she LOVES them.  Every time she comes on she smiles. It’s adorable.
-her glow worm.

Avery dislikes:
-staying in one place.
-getting out of her bath.  I don’t know if it is because she is wet and outside the water or she wants her bottle right away after her bath, but she doesn’t like it at all.

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