God knows what we Need

image1-300x300I’ve been reminded multiple times over the last few days that God knows what we need.  I think that can be a hard task for some of us to grasp…myself included.

I’m getting ready to go on maternity leave at work.  I haven’t worked for such a long time period since high school, over 10 years ago.  I am planning to take 9 weeks off once little Avery makes her appearance, but with taking maternity leave comes the responsibility of writing out everything I do.  And, oh my…what a task.  I have definitely taken for granted all that I do.  But, I keep catching myself saying that it would be so much easier if I could just do everything from home.  Now, before you close your browser tab and switch over to another site, I know that it is a absurd thought to try and work from home with a newborn…so, don’t close out the tab just yet.
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Ecclesiastes 4:11

ecc411croppedEcclesiastes 4:11.  This verse first appeared to me when I was in college and had a great friendship with two other amazing women in Christ.

It grew more meaningful when I moved back home, and I had two women pouring into me during a time of transition.  I had just graduated college, ended up getting engaged and was in a long distance relationship with Justin while planning our wedding (well, Justin planned our wedding, but that’s for another blog post).  And now, I am married and we are expecting our first child.
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