Avery Elizabeth – 8 Months

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I feel like I begin every post the same way-but seriously, how is Avery Elizabeth already 8 months old?

This last month was very special, my  parents have been in town and we dedicated Avery Elizabeth at our church.  It was a very special weekend spent with family and close friends.Read More »

Avery Elizabeth – 5 months

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Avery has turned another month older!  It is crazy how fast time flies!  Justin and I are enjoying all these precious moments that keep going by.  Here’s what she has been up to lately.

Avery loves:
-being on her belly.  Which is a big change from last month.  She has learned to roll back to her back and then back to her belly–getting close to being one continuous roll over.
-talking and screaming, especially at Casper.
-Casper.  Casper has been much more daring lately in coming around Avery, but any little noise Avery makes, Casper goes a running.
-her activity center my parents got her for Christmas.  She is really enjoying interacting with it and has really helped her strengthen her legs.

Avery dislikes:
-still doesn’t care for teething, but what baby does?
-us walking away.  She is starting to notice when we lay her down and us walk away from her, especially when she is tired.

She’s only 2 days into being 5 months old, and there are so many new things.  One of which is us trying oatmeal twice today!  Look for the 6 month update to see how she’s doing with food!

Avery Elizabeth–4 months

avery 4 months 2How is Avery Elizabeth already 4 months old?  We’ve celebrated our first Christmas with her, we spent New Years very chill (I went to bed at 11pm).  I can’t wait to see what else this new year holds for us.

Avery loves:
-anything she can put in her mouth, especially her Taggie rabbit
-“talking” with her buddy, Jack.  They are together 4 days a week and it really sounds like they communicate back and forth, it’s very cute.
-grabbing things.  We have a pull toy on her car seat and she has recently realized that she pull on it, and she loves its
-FaceTime-ing with my parents, NaNa and PawPaw.  Every time she hears the FaceTime ring, she smiles so big

Avery dislikes:
-rolling onto her belly and not being able to roll back over.

At Avery’s 4 month check-up she weighed 14.30lbs and is now 25.5″ long!  She’s growing up way too fast!

Avery Elizabeth-3 months


I can’t believe our little Avery is 3 months already–I wish time would slow down–but I know that’s the constant battle of parents, always wanting time to slow down.  But, if we keep focusing on that, we are going to miss out on what we have right in front of our faces.

I am realizing that now, as I keep looking forward, wanting Avery to progress and do more things and learn more–instead of me looking forward, I need to be cherishing the time right now.

Enough with my reflections, here’s Avery’s 3 month update 🙂Read More »

Avery Elizabeth–2 Months

 So, Avery Elizabeth is already two months!  And, I’m super late with this post.  Grace, right? Right!

We haven’t been able to do her cool board, but I didn’t want to wait any longer for this post…so without further delay…

Avery loves:
-her bath time
-looking around at everything
-her swing
-her pacifier
-morning smiles
-her tongue

Avery dislikes:
-still doesn’t like napping during day
-getting her mouth wiped off
-getting changed…diaper or clothes in general

Her favorite song/lullaby is “three little birds” by Bob Marely.  Justin started this being a bedtime routine, and we think she really enjoys it.

She still has zero teeth, she’s 23″ long and 11.10lbs!

I’ve gone back to work full time now (as of this week) and it’s a much bigger adjustment than what I thought it was.  I’m still learning that throughout motherhood there is nothing but grace!

Hopefully next month I’ll be more on time!

Baby Tracking

baby tracker downloadSo, how many of you have tried to find an app that you can track your baby’s feedings, diapers and other information that sync between iPhones and Android phones?  I searched and searched, thought I found one and then realized that the one I found doesn’t sync.  We kept with it though and Justin would just have to tell me when he fed Avery or changed her diaper.  It became really frustrating when my mom recently watched her for the weekend and our apps wouldn’t sync together…so me being the person I am, I created a Google Sheet spreadsheet!
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